Wisdom is the reward of our experience

  • We live in this environment, small businesses are our business
  • We have achieved established success with tangible results
  • We provide expert insights that you can trust.

It’s Not Just What We Do, It's How We Do What We Do!

Our Philosophy -We Listen First

    • We do not apply a cookie cutter answer because your business is not a cookie cutter business. Even if we have seen similar situations before, we know the ultimate approach could change. It’s important that once we listen and understand, we analyze the realities of your environment—and through our experience, we will then move forward to assess, plan implement and optimize the best approach moving forward, based on your needs and goals. 
    • We ask the right questions. Asking the right questions is like measuring the right metrics —both pinpoint the best next step.
    • We bring innovative ideas that capture alternative thoughts, more fresh thinking, more perspective and more accountability to help you build a more dynamic infrastructure and unlock your business potential.
    • We do not confuse activity with results- We become a foxhole partner and leverage your workforce and resources in place to provide immediate improvement.
    • Our pricing model is based around you, not us. We can accommodate options ranging from ROI to hourly. 

Our Brand - Leverage Collective Capabilities

Our experience has taught us that in every problem there is an opportunity, and every solution starts with a purpose.   Our purpose is to advocate for startup and small businesses by accelerating their ability to compete in the aerospace market sectors through first leveraging resources that they already have.  We represent the full spectrum of industry expertise and we set out to create a value-based business model that unlocks creativity and possibility in areas that were never imagined.